The Race cars of Le Mans

The 2013 field will increase from 55 cars to 56 with the introduction of a green concept car. This year's field will be made up of 4 classes including the Custom-built Le Mans prototype (LMP) divided in LMP 1 and LMP 2, these are like formula one cars in design but much more durable.

LMP Classes

The LMP classes are divided based on speed, weight, and power output. There is also production-based Grand Tour (GT) classes Pro and AM these are closer to traditional rally car style racing. This year the race will feature new environmentally friendly cars that meet the Le Mans specific technical regulations. These new green cars will be put to through their paces in this 24 hour race, since the race was created to test the staying power and durability of cars in the first place, how these green cars do will be very interesting.

The Nissan DeltaWing

One of the most interesting of these new green cars is the Nissan DeltaWing, a custom made lightweight formula one style racer. It is a concept racer designed by American Le Mans series founder Don Panoz, project originator, Ben Bowlby, as well as members of Highcroft Racing, U.S. racing, and Nissan. So far the car has exceeded all expectations in other races but the 24 hour race of the Le Mans is one of the hardest on the car if the concepts of the DeltaWing can be proven through this race the innovations and green technologies could see more wide spread use in Nissan product line.

One of the great things about the Le Mans races is that even lower ranked cars can enter, any car that meets the technical specifications for that category of race can be entered, for the 2013 line up there are some cars from as far back as 2004 that are still entering the race, you don't always have to be the most current to compete. Generally the lower ranked cars don't place or win but Le Mans is an endurance test, a challenge to keep going, sometimes a more reliable car will prove out over a more powerful but less durable competitor. This can add a new dimension to the race and keep you guess, even the underdog has a chance if the fancy newer car's engine blows verse a proven model.

Le Mans is a racing event unlike any other, an experience, a trial, a race that can change in an instant that will put any car and driver to the test. New prototypes are tested; theories and concepts are put to real world conditions and beyond. Old, new, concepts, prototype, all are welcome to test themselves in this race, a collection of races unique to anything else out there. With cars as varied, unique and common as these all at the same time is it any wonder why this is THE event, that car and race fans consider it almost a pilgrimage to see this race, are you ready for Le Mans?