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France offers visitors the culture and onlinepoker247.co.uk history of Paris, the cuisine of a decadent culture, the Alps and Pyrenees, skiing, snowboarding, the Tour de France and more. Tourist flock to France year after year for all that the country has to offer but if you are a car guy, there is only one time to visit the home of the Eiffel Tower. When you want you get your motor running, you come to Le Mans in June for the annual endurance race.

The Race

In the countryside of France along the Sarthe River is the capital of Maine province, Le Mans. This city, set about 130 miles west of Paris, is known as a well-preserved old town with cobblestoned streets and half-timbered houses, museums, cathedrals, and fascinating archeological. The city was the backdrop of the 1989 film Cyrano de Bergerac with Gerard Depardieu. In addition to the motorsport events, Le Mans hotels basketball, football, and cycling and while in the city make sure you try the local culinary specialty, rillettes, a shredded pork pate.

Race weekend is schedules for June 22 – 23, 2013 with the race set to begin at 10 a.m. The race is different than the sprint series or NASCAR racing familiar to the most Americans. Even the races using formula style cars are all endurance. The race was made to truly test claims of durability and endurance made by car manufactures and grew from there. Most regular style race cars would blow out in an event like this; it puts not just speed but quality of the car parts and design to the test. The main events of the Race are the LMP1 and LMP2 where custom made and prototype races compete to test the build. The LMP1 and LMP2 is similar to a formula one style race the cars are built strictly to race and so the designs tend to be more aerodynamic and unusual than typical street cars. The Grand Tour or GT Pro and GT AM type endurance races are for more typical type cars, ones that may see production to public use; these are more like rally or stock car races. This race has even inspired and American version, using the name the American Le Mans, though not as large an event it shows the impact of this race on the car community around the world.

Culture of the Event

Car culture is unique; it depends on the type of car, type of race, geographical location, and a few other factors. Le Mans has such a wide selection of cars and the long day is well a very long race its culture is truly unlike any other. Le Mans is a Casino freespins melting pot of car fans and designers alike, the air buzzes with hope and anticipation. The experience of going to a Le Mans race is very much like a pilgrimage to those lucky enough to attend. The French have a bad rap when it comes to how they treat others, almost anyone here is willing to talk shop and be friendly so long as you don't ask any race secrets.

Support Industry

Race meetings of such magnitude require the efforts of a huge support network including engineers, marshals, hospitality staff and media personnel. Many of which travel thousands of miles by land, air and sea to get to Le Mans. In years gone by this was a truly epic task but has been made very much easier in modern times with advances in logistical planning and fleet management. These technical aids do not however, detract from the huge personal sacrifices made by these people.